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A comprehensive program on skin care.

When I look at my own personal journey of becoming aware of my body, it truly began after years of suffering from bad skin. Acne controlled my confidence, it hindered my energy, and made me ashamed of who I was. If you are here because you have had skin issues, you know this delicate relationship well.

After years of birth control, prescriptions, Pro-Activ, and a whole lot of self-hate, I found my career and my life path because of what happened when I looked more than SKIN DEEP and began healing my skin from the inside out.

You are not destined for bad skin.


What We Are Going to Cover

  • Hormone regulation
  • PCOS and acne
  • Stress, cortisol, and breakouts
  • The root cause of acne and how to heal
  • Nutritional deficiencies and epigenetics
  • Proper liver function and detoxification


Get a curated box by Em of SKIN ESSENTIALS

About the Box

It is overwhelming to know where to start, which is why I'm making it easy for you.

Every topic I will be curating a box of my ESSENTIALS, and I am thrilled about the items I have gathered for you. Products, items, and even books that will give you immediate relief and will help you get started right away with loving the skin you are in.

Included in my SKIN ESSENTIAL box:

  • Alitura Clay Mask and Derma Roller for scarring and glowing skin renewal ($42 value)
  • Hormone Balance Tea from Herbal Element ($12)
  • Clearity Oil by Primally Balanced formulated by Lorraine and I specifically for blemishes ($16 value)
  • Period Repair Manual by Dr Lara Briden ($20 value)
  • FatCo Myrraculous Anti-Aging Face Cream ($28 value)
  • Enessa Clove Acne Control ($40 value)
  • Zinc Chelate from Buddies in my Belly ($12 value)
  • Be Calm Probiotic from Buddies in my Belly ($29)
  • All Natural Kojnac Face Sponge ($9 value)
  • Samples of Puori, Vital Proteins, Enessa, and more

Box total Value of over $215

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