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Body Awareness Project Programs

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Part One: Skin

A comprehensive program on skin care.

When I look at my own personal journey of becoming aware of my body, it truly began after years of suffering from bad skin. Acne controlled my confidence, it hindered my energy, and made me ashamed of who I was. If you are here because you have had skin issues, you know this delicate relationship well.

After years of birth control, prescriptions, Pro-Activ, and a whole lot of self-hate, I found my career and my life path because of what happened when I looked more than SKIN DEEP and began healing my skin from the inside out.

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Part Two: Adrenal

A comprehensive program on adrenals and cortisol dysfunction.

This is an all-embracing, extensive course that brings forth awareness to some of the deepest, most problematic causes of adrenal and cortisol dysfunction; a condition too many of us face in this day in age. Throughout Part 2 of The Body Awareness Project, 12 well-versed and highly equipped speakers will join Emily in addressing the major concerns for those dealing with stress specifically directed for, but certainly not limited to - the exhausted mom, the tenacious athlete, the innovative entrepreneur, and the altruistic shift-worker.

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Part Three: Gut

Coming Soon