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Liz Wolf

Liz Wolf


Liz Wolf is a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner (NTP), a best-selling author, an award-winning podcaster, and – most importantly – a toddler mom. Her food philosophy is simple: just eat real freakin' food. No micro-managing, no agonizing. Whether you call the food she eats “clean,” Paleo, Primal, unprocessed, or just the food humans are meant to eat, she believes that it is all the same thing: real, healthy, perfect, delicious, WHOLE food. Liz shares powerful information on how to balance hormones, stabilize weight, clear the skin and prepare the body for a healthy pregnancy through her book, on her podcast as well as her very own skincare guide.

Contribution to Body Awareness Project Course:

Liz Wolf, one of our incredible guest speakers in The Body Awareness Project: SKIN Course, gives some empowering tips on how to help enable body awareness and self-love. She says it best in one of our talks for this Project when we discuss how we have all fixated so much on our image in the mirror. It consumes us, it makes us feel less confident and insecure, and it changes us in a negative way. Liz’s advice as you heal your skin? “Disconnect yourself from your body is seeing in the mirror and instead, go show your body what you can DO.” It's time to alleviate judgment and give yourself some grace.