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Lauren Geertsen

Lauren Geertsen


Lauren Geertsen’s healing journey led her to experience the power of nutrition and lifestyle. At 14, she was diagnosed with a severe form of ulcerative colitis, an autoimmune disease. After years of research and determination, Lauren learned felt empowered to change her health. “I understood how my body worked, and I was not longer helpless to a mystery illness.” Lauren is now a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner through the Nutritional Therapy Association, where she has been able to gain a deep understanding of how nutrition can support transformative healing.

Contribution to Body Awareness Project Course:

Lauren of Empowered Sustenance is a force. An old soul, a healer and a creator, Lauren knows the journey of healthy skin is a delicate balance of nutrients and hormones but also self-love. With a poem read in one of our talks that brought tears to my eyes, “A Love Letter From My Body” along with her 3 steps to heal acne, Lauren’s videos for The Body Awareness Project are incredible. Listen, learn, and most importantly… Love your journey.