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Jen Csaky

Jen Csaky


Jenn Csaky’s wellness journey started when she chose to be empowered in her own health. She decided that masking the symptoms with medication and creams was not the path to true healing. Jenn wanted to get to the root cause so that she could truly heal. She also worked closely with a naturopathic doctor and attended the Nutritional Therapy Association to get certified as a Nutritional Therapy Consultant. Jenn Csaky’s passion now is to help other women use real-food nutrition and a healthy mindset to heal their health issues.

Contribution to Body Awareness Project Course:

Melasma: A common skin problem that is often overlooked and unaddressed. Sun exposure, hormonal changes and toxic skin care products can all trigger melasma (off-colored patches) to appear on the skin. Jen Csaky speaks from her own personal experience and provides 5 important steps on how to heal the skin with this specific condition - Stress less, sleep, nourish the liver, eat a well-balanced diet and keep your gut healthy. Jen says that the only way she was able to get her skin back to a healthy state, was by slowing down her schedule and making time for what her body needed most... A little patience and a whole lot of nourishment.