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1-on-1 with Dr. Rachel

By now, you have your full lab results, access to our complete video interpretation library, our specialized roadmap, and full interpretation guide. We know it's a lot of info but it's all you need to get started with your results!

If after going through all your materials, you find yourself needing more guidance, have no fear! Dr. Rachel Yan herself has 1-on-1 consultations available specifically for users of this course and takers of this test.

The goal of the 1-on-1 consultation is to further synthesize your results with your personal care history. You can expect more in depth understanding, as well as lifestyle recommendations and supplement recommendations in conjunction with our roadmap and protocols.

1-on-1 consultations are available over Zoom, and online video platform. Each session lasts approximately 45 minutes. All appointments must be held or canceled prior to 24 hours before the meeting an additional fee will be accessed.

As you book your meeting, you must agree to and sign the Informed Medical Consent form and send it back to admin@precisionempoweredhealth.com.

Schedule your appointment today.