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Skin Products

Empirica Zinc

Essential Zinc has so many functions it’s hard to keep up! For your skin, know that it is a necessity to have adequate levels of zinc to utilize vitamin A that keeps your skin healthy and glowing. Take 1 capsule with meals a day.

Fighting Goat Soap

We love using this soap to clean our face. Between toxin lifting activated charcoal and antimicrobial tea tree, you’ll be left with clean and glowing skin.


Formulated especially for our course, Primally Balanced’s Clearity oil will help you combat breakouts! Soothing witch hazel and rose water reduce inflammation, as well as tea tree, lavender, geranium, frankincense, and myrrh.

To use, wash and dry face thoroughly. Roll Clearity onto finger or directly to inflamed area. Use before bed.

Period Repair Manual by Lara Briden

If you were put on birth control to handle your acne, you likely noticed some side effects. This book by Dr. Lara Briden is your complete guide to healing from those reactions!

Konjac Sponge

Clean your face without doing damage! This natural sponge is anti-microbial and a gentle exfoliator. Use in place of a washcloth. Hang to dry.

Adrenal Products

Empirica Essentials

These same packs are all you’ll need for an adrenal reset.

Vibrant Blue Oils Adrenal Oil

This blend is a natural pick-me-up! Watch Emily’s instructions of placing onto your adrenal Chapman reflexes when needing a pick-me-up and before workouts for improved glute activation.

Blue Light Blocking Glasses

Protecting our eyes from blue light is critical in order for melatonin production to start. If looking at your laptop or watching TV at night, put these on in order to protect your body’s natural sleep cycle or whenever your eyes get tired.

Herb Pharm Daily Stress Spray

All of your favorite adaptogens are in a convenient spray blend here. No matter what life throws at you, this will help keep you from getting overwhelmed.

Four Sigmatic

We could all use a little help when it comes to chilling. That’s why we included 3 of these blends! Mix it up before bed or at anytime you want to max relax.


Hydration is more than just drinking water, and we have to stay hydrated in order for our adrenals to work properly! NUUN provides us with all the electrolytes we need to hold on to our water, especially around our workouts.

Gut Products

Empirica Enzymes

Take 1-2 capsules at the beginning of a meal to help digest proteins, carbohydrates, and fats. Perfect for when you aren't sure what foods are causing your bloating OR you aren't sure what ingredients you are about to consume.

Element Tea Tummy Tonic

Perfect for gut health and digestion, drink this tea whenever you need to quell your tummy troubles! This packet is enough for two taste tests. Brew for 10 minutes with just under boiling water. Don’t forget to use your coupon in this box when you’re ready for a refill!

Primally Balanced Digestive Support

Smell this oil and place it on your abdomen when you’re feeling less than great. Includes ginger and fennel for upset stomach, lemongrass and peppermint for nausea and cramps, coriander for indigestion, caraway for flatulence, and juniper for bloating.

Coregeous Ball

The only tool you need for visceral manipulation at home! Use this ball to clear up organ congestion. Watch the videos with Dr. Missy and Jill Miller to learn more!

Herb Pharm Orange Bitters

Bitters are the perfect way to prep your stomach for digestion. Spray on the tongue before meals to stimulate your body’s natural ability to digest.

DISCLAIMER: These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. The information on this site and through this program is not intended or implied to be a substitute for professional medical advice.