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Adrenal Body Awareness Project

A comprehensive program on adrenals and cortisol dysfunction.

This is an all-embracing, extensive course that brings forth awareness to some of the deepest, most problematic causes of adrenal and cortisol dysfunction; a condition too many of us face in this day in age. Throughout Part 2 of The Body Awareness Project, 12 well-versed and highly equipped speakers will join Emily in addressing the major concerns for those dealing with stress specifically directed for, but certainly not limited to - the exhausted mom, the tenacious athlete, the innovative entrepreneur, and the altruistic shift-worker.

An Educational Course

+ Box of Essentials




I deeply appreciate Emily’s realness, her ability to talk about these complicated concepts in a simple and understanding way, her strong passion for her work, and her genuine love for humanity that’s so evident without even meeting her. I HIGHLY recommend this body awareness project to anyone who wants to learn how to treat their body with the love it deserves!



I highly recommend this course and the curated box. It’s so worth the investment for you health! The guest speakers that are apart of this course are amazing!!! Thank you Emily and your team for continuing to create amazing content and products for our health physically and mentally. I’m feeling more confident and comfortable in my own skin in more ways than I can even express.


Get a curated box from Em to begin your Adrenal Repair

About the Box

It is overwhelming to know where to start, which is why I'm making it easy for you.

Every topic I will be curating a box of my ESSENTIALS, and I am thrilled about the items I have gathered for you. Products, items, and even books that will give you immediate relief and will help you get started right away with loving the skin you are in.

Included in my ADRENAL REPAIR Essentials Box:

  • Vibrant Blue Oils Brain Balance Parasympathetic Blend
  • Vibrant Blue Oils Adrenal Blend
  • A custom-made, SLOW DOWN meditation and gratitude journal from Emily Schromm
  • Blue-light blocking glasses
  • Daily Stress Balance adaptogenic herb blend by HerbPharm
  • An Adrenal Repair 6-Week Strength Program by EmFit: Get Strong
  • Four Sigmatic Reishi Mushroom Elixer sample
  • 3 Puori Vitamin D, Fish Oil, and Magnesium samples
  • NUUN hydration tablet sample

Box total Value of over $220

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Box of Essentials